Saturday, August 10, 2013

Good Vibes in Europe, Middle-East and Africa

For our European friends, Good Vibes will premiere soon on the SHORTS HD European channel and will be programmed at different times in the future in Europe, Middle-East and Africa. The film has been screened up to 30 times in the US until now as part of a program titled Shorts World Cinema : the best international short movies from around the globe. We are very happy with this new opportunity ! More infos about Good Vibes programming on SHORTS HD can be retrieved here What's On : Good Vibes on SHORTS HD

Monday, August 20, 2012

Good Vibes in Ireland at the Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival

In 2011 the people of Waterville with the support of Josephine Chaplin, along with many other benefactors, friends and the local business community held the very first annual Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival. Waterville, the Kerry seaside village that Charlie Chaplin loved, will continue to hold this Festival to honour the life and work of the master comedian and filmmaker, whose legacy remains both relevant and influential to comedy today. Our aim is for the Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival to quickly become an international fixture that will bring a smile to Kerry, Ireland and the World. Chaplin with his courage and pioneering spirit, brought laughter to millions of people through the medium of film, in very dark times. Our hope is that the film-makers of today will follow in Charlie’s illustrious footsteps by showcasing their comedy films at our festival! More information about the Film Festival : Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival !

We feel very pleased and honored to announce that Good Vibes will represent Canada as part of the International competition. The complete listing of films in competition can be retrieved here : Shortlisted Films 2012 !

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Good Vibes at the Ottawa International Film Festival

The Ottawa International Film Festival (OIFF) was founded in 2010 with the purpose of bringing local, national and international filmmakers together with film enthusiasts in Canada's National Capital Region. With a focus on inde- pendent filmmaking, the OIFF mandate includes a commitment to supporting the development of film talent in Ottawa and providing local filmmakers with an opportunity to showcase their work alongside major international films. The 3rd OIFF will build on the foundation established during the inaugural event, evolving into a bold and distinct platform for the celebration of creative and cross-cultural filmmaking. Capture. Create. Inspire... More information    can be retrieved here : Good Vibes at OIFF !

Thursday, December 1, 2011

What's On : Good Vibes on SHORTS HD

For our US friends, Good Vibes did premiere on the SHORTS HD Channel on October 29th 2011 in the US and will be programmed at different times in the future. The film has been screened up to six times until now, as part of a program titled Shorts World Cinema : the best international short movies from arount the globe. We are very happy with this opportunity ! More infos about Good Vibes programming on SHORTS HD can be retrieved here What's On : Good Vibes on SHORTS HD

Monday, October 17, 2011

Good Vibes at the Mascara & Popcorn Film Festival 2011

Mascara and Popcorn is a festival for artists, filmmakers and movie fans in the Montreal area. For its second instalment, the festival continues to stir up a steady mix of underground art and film, bringing you an exciting schedule of short and feature length independent movies, visual arts and music. The program runs from November 15th to the 24th 2011 and covers a wide spectrum of emerging Canadian filmmakers and genres, as well as festival-connected events.

Hosting a bevy of activities between Cabaret Playhouse and Centre St-Ambroise, the fall-winter edition starts on Tuesday, November 15th with an expo-vernissage by various local artists and live artwork by renowned artist Cathou Dufresne-Lemire. Part of the night's proceeds will go to Maison Jean Lapointe, a treatment and rehabilitation center. Mascara and Popcorn also celebrates 30 years of punk, post-punk, no wave and mischief: featured documentaries include “Blank City” by Celine Dahnier and “MTL Punk - The First Wave” with producer Denis McReady in attendance. The Normals, one of the first punk bands (if not, the first) in Montreal, formed in 1978, reunite after a long absence alongside The American Devices for a spectacular finale that'll rock your socks off!

About the Mascara & Popcorn Film Festival
Mascara & Popcorn is a growing film festival. With plans to take place in Montreal twice per year (in spring and fall), the festival covers independent film and its filmmakers, cult movies, audiovisual concepts, music, visual arts, photography, hybrids of digital and analog tools. Our goal is to expose our filmmakers to producers, partners and organizations. We hope that the festival will impact communities in a positive and creative way and inspire filmmakers and artists to express themselves and continuously raise the bar.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Good Vibes on ShortsHD

ShortsHD is a unique entertainment channel dedicated to short movies. The channel features the best short movies programmed through a rich and diverse schedule.

The channel presents a carefully curated selection of short movies in a variety of genres. You can bask in the funny side of life with the COMEDY collection, marvel at the innovation and originality of ANIMATION section, and confront your deepest, darkest fears with the terrifying MIDNIGHT compilation. ShortsHD offers revered classics, the latest Oscar winners and the best of emerging talent from around the globe.

Building on devotion to emerging talent, ShortsHD also present enlightening documentaries that showcases the toil of film production. From initial pitch to final edit, ShortsHD capture the filmmaking process in its entirety. Prepare to laugh, cry, scream in horror and always be entertained.

The Good Vibes film will soon air on ShortsHD in the USA, Taiwan and Turkey and we will definitely keep you posted about the film premiere, screenings and more.

More info on : ShortsHD